Monday, June 11, 2012

June ~ Artist of the Month

"Artist of the Month" Rebecca Simpson's soaps will be with us in June! Says Rebecca..."I started making soap over 3 years ago, because I wanted to control what I use on my family's skin. With so many store bought soaps containing harsh and harmful chemicals, it made sense to me to want to be sure I knew what I was putting on my children's skin during bath time. Our skin is our largest organ and our first defense against bacteria, germs and outside elements, so I wanted to formulate a soap that would make our skin not only look fabulous, but that is healthy, conditioned and well taken care of. After I made my very first batch of soap, I was hooked! I love every aspect of making soap plus I know what it is in it and know the benefits I am getting out of my soap bars. I recently started teaching a soapmaking class through Hudson Community Education in the hopes that others can create their own natural soap at home and better care for their skin." Rebecca will be in the shoppe' June 27 from 5pm-8pm to meet & greet you all. Be sure to come by this month for her wonderful soaps & a vist with her.

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